Joseph Ursulo – “Adultery” sculpture with scissors and rings

Joseph Ursulo  – “Adultery”  sculpture with scissors and rings

My chief artistic goal is harmony. I seek to forge a natural, seamless bond between objects that might seem incompat-ible at first.The process is not unlike the combining of words. Just as words are assembled into phrases to make new meanings, so too can objects be put together to create new ideas.

My sculptures give the impression of being environmentally friendly. They appear to be made from reused, recycled, and repurposed materials. But in fact just the opposite is true. I purchase most of my materials brand new from the store. And between the prototypes, failed attempts, and unused materials, my artistic use of consumer goods ends up producing far more waste than if the goods had been purchased for their intended uses. So rather than representing the ideals of environmentalists, my sculptures, unfortunately, are symbols for impractical spending and waste. But then again, that’s what also makes them so unsentimentally American.


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October 10, 2017