Welcome to Hamilton Street Gallery, located in downtown Bound Brook, New Jersey, is an exhibition space for contemporary visual art. We welcome both emerging and established artists residing in Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. All media is considered and we encourage work that is new and experimental. There will be 6 or 7 annual group exhibits, some of which will be juried and curated by our gallery staff, and others by guest curators. Shows will run between 6 and 8 weeks. They will be thematic and versatile in nature, ranging from whimsical to the audacious, providing artists with the means to articulate their ideas about the world. Also, we hope to stimulate the creative pulse of the community by conveying an atmosphere in which to experience a focused, personal and enriching engagement with art.

Current Exhibition

The Elephant in the Room

  This juried exhibit focuses on the metaphorical expression, “The Elephant in the Room.” It denotes, usually, a large obvious truth, problem or condition that is repressed or intentionally overlooked, because no one wants to discuss, challenge, or deal with it in any way. It can occur individualistically or on a world wide scale. The exhibit includes both traditional and non-traditional works in photography, painting, sculpture, collage, encaustic and various forms of mixed media. Twenty eight artists offer reflective interpretations on a personal, social, and political scale making this an exhibit of mammoth proportions.

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Featured Artists
Luis Alves: Collage
Peter Arakawa
Francesca Azzara
Lisa Bagwell
Edward Jean Baptiste
Eric Beckerich
Fred Cole
Alex Eckman-Lawn
Steven Epstein
Darlene Foster
Michele Guttenberg
Curt Harbits
Rita Herzfeld
Neal Korn
Donald Lokuta
John Marron
Valerie Shkymba-McAndrews
Phillip McConnell
Leonard Merlo
Pat Feeney-Murrell
Christy O’Connor
E. Carol O’Neill
Taryn Pizza
Sharon Sayegh
Paul Smith
Melissa Tomich
Steven Ullmer
Sue Eldridge Ward