Giovanna Lupi “Homesick Horse” recycled mixed media, NFS

Giovanna Lupi “Homesick Horse” recycled mixed media, NFS

My best inspiration comes from little things, better if insignificant, rejected, unuseful, doomed, ugly, ravaged by time. I hear these things saying they are still alive and deserve another possibility. They ask strongly, with the voice of who has suffered  injustice of a lonely and poor life, because they share with human beings the same absurd wish, a life of fulfillment.

Usually, to take care of their melancholy, I look for a good, matching  life partner. When I find it, it’s like to
celebrate a wedding, and they all will live happily ever after.

Things waiting for a second chance, happen wherever, and often, thanks to the work of nature, they clearly say which partner they need. They are just waiting for somebody to listen, like it was this horse’s head in the
forest, asking for a body with which to run happily again.

Of course, among the many materials, wood has a particular voice for me: many Pinocchio’s are hidden in it.


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December 7, 2016