Fred Cole “Study at Sea” recycled wood and metal hook, $150.00

Fred Cole “Study at Sea” recycled wood and metal hook, $150.00


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The Hamilton Street Gallery’s “Heart Wood” show has been a great impetus for me to work exclusively in wood over the last month and a half. I have enjoyed the process immensely because all of the wood has been recycled, and it has been so enthralling  to work with what I consider the most important natural substance on earth: Trees…without them we do not exist.

As I have often said, my  basement storeroom is my palate and of the 6 new pieces in what I am calling my “Wooden Series,” the materials for 5 of the pieces were already in my basement waiting to find an image to serve. The wood used was both totally natural and processed. Each represents a challenge in creating an image, but at the same time the wood stands out as component on its own of lovely beauty and shape.

Whenever I work with wood I am metaphorically looking over my shoulder for Joanne Boscarino, Highland Park’s most amazing carpenter/artist. She has advised me often and secretly cuts wood for me at an extremely cut rate price: lunch. Lucky Jo has a love for wood that has enhanced my own. I have always loved trees, and when using wood to make an image it is a satisfying and time defying experience.

I feel in the last 6 weeks I have woven nature’s own into coherent and lyrical pieces .I have used both the natural lines of the trees, and the subtle beauty of finished wood. Wood is one of the oldest materials used on Earth to portray images. Of course I have worked in wood before, but the opportunity to work in such an ancient medium again, in such a concentrated manner. has created a settling influence for me as the work has progressed. Thank you Joan and Brian for the motivation to find this place.


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December 7, 2016