Fred Cole “Guilty Your Honor” mixed media wall sculpture

Fred Cole   “Guilty Your Honor”  mixed media wall sculpture

Political art is always a necessity, but no more so then in the age of Trump. Expressing our feelings about the huckster president is essential to the discourse hopefully will rid our country of this man. He is changing our government into something it has never been…AN AUTHORITARIAN STATE that can be incredibly vindictive to those who oppose it. Using available materials from my basement/palate, plus a flip or two of the computer buttons has allowed me to say something in public that I feel is essential: Donald Trump is an extremely dangerous person to lead the most powerful and most reactionary groups in our country. If our statements today help defeat the insidious movement they have developing over a long period of time, than our body of work here today goes beyond art and to the public good. As artists we must seize this opportunity every chance we get.


As always, thanks to Joan and Brian for continually supporting our artistic, and in this case political efforts.


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September 27, 2018