Ellen Rebarber – “Dream Hair” copper relief sculpture

Ellen Rebarber  – “Dream Hair” copper relief sculpture

When I first received notice of this sho, I knew I had nothing for the theme.  I let it go and about a month before the deadline for submission, I said to myself, I really want to enter this show.  What to do?  I began thinking about it and made a few sketches. Nothing made sense! Then one night it came to me!  The title first, “ Dream Hair”  Then I started to sketch exactly what I wanted, at about 3:00AM.  I always wanted long curly hair!  Never to have my dream come true!  So the next morning, I went down to my studio and I first, made the frame, soldered it and then started onthe curls.  The curls were the tricky part!  Copper wire has a very unique life of it’s own!  The curls took me almost as long as my wish for them!  Once attached, I fulfilled my dream with things that I love  And so the final work  “Dream Hair.”


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October 10, 2017