Edward Jean Baptiste “Dream” acrylic on board, $1,000.00

Edward Jean Baptiste   “Dream” acrylic on board,  $1,000.00

DREAM is a compilation of poetic images. It is a description of the Americas and Africa. The images indicate that the newly discovered lands and the lands left behind contain a feeling of scorn for the greedy Europeans . In addition it brings to mind the coveting of material goods; together these vehicles indicate that the interest of the europeans in the americas is based in great part on an inordinate desire for material gratification.DREAM not only conveys a narrative-level tale, a theological message, and some thoughts about certain people and situations, but also expresses a number of feelings that are experienced at some time by most individuals, whatever the circumstances of their personal lives, and that therefore evoke definite afective responses from almost everyone when they are encountered in this painting. Maybe the viewer does not consciously recognize the presences of this emotional level of meaning in the painting, his/her unconscious apprehension of the feelings involved is the source of much of the pleasure he/she experiences as he/she peruses the work. In addition, this affective message reinforces and heightens the impact on his/her mind. Imagery plays a particularly important role in conveying the unrecognized message to the viewer. My goal is to compell him/her to bring his/her imagination and emotions actively, into play in making the connection between himself/herself and the other.


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April 3, 2017