Donald Lokuta “Fiat Currency” archival pigment print, photo, $1,000.00 (unframed) $1,200.00 (framed)

Donald Lokuta   “Fiat Currency”  archival pigment print, photo,  $1,000.00 (unframed) $1,200.00 (framed)

All is ephemeral, fame and the famous as well
Marcus Aurelius
There is much in our world that is ephemeral- butterflies, spider webs, clouds, and many others come to mind. But forme, I think about how our life and our world changes at an ever faster pace. Our childhood, early recollections of old friends, family members that have passed, times of joy and times of pain are now fragile memories. Some of these are long forgotten, and some have left only a trace on our memory. The passage of time and change seem to be the only constants. There is less stability and more uncertainty, and today will dissolve into a very different and unknown tomorrow. The meaning of country, community, family, religion and society are being redefined. Individuality and culture is reluctantly being homogenized into a new normal, and thesechanges are creating an anxious uncertainty.The flow of time seems too fast.And the pace of change is relentless. One day is replaced by the next, one year by the next, one memory replaced by the next and one generation by another. In the end, the only thing that is certain is that all is ephemeral.Life is ephemeral- so fragile- so brief.


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April 3, 2017