Luis Alves: Collage – “Attention “Poverty” (Pink)” hand made collage

Luis Alves: Collage  – “Attention “Poverty” (Pink)” hand made collage

Media and Art exert powerful influences over all of us through continuous, evolving processes of reflection and c-ation.  Each shapes our hopes and fears, our notions of beauty and ugliness, our ideas about the primitive and the civ-ilized, our conceptions of the honorable and the shameful.  My recontextualization of familiar images from television, film, and advertising reflect modern life with its incessant influx of information, some of it seemingly worthy and soof it seemingly worthless. In the end the actual work is not about the thing on display; it’s about how society, particularly American society, obsessively consumes myth and fakery. Each collage composition is hand-manipulated with the goal of transformation as a way of commenting on, satirizing or criticizing the source material.


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October 10, 2017