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Influences – August 23rd to September 24th 2015

Influences postcard Hamilton Street Gallery

Featured Artists:
Susan Ahlstrom
Francesca Azzara
Jane Caminos
Nancy Ori

Paul XO Pinkman
Heidi Sussman
Gail Winbury

Hamilton Street Gallery, once again, welcomes the opportunity to display the works of the New Art Group. For this exhibit the group has successfully accomplished the complex task of collaboratively working together. With mindful observation, knowledge, and appreciation for the creative abilities of their fellow members, the artists have consciously departed from their “comfort zones” so to resonate with the influential abilities of each other. The resulting triptychs, and diptych demonstrate an outstanding formation of diverse collages, photographic processes, encaustics, and paintings. We admire the New Art Group’s initiative to broaden their individual artistic sensibilities, and commend their desire to work collaboratively in the true nature of camaraderie.