Steven Ullmer “The Dark Room” oil on canvas, $1,500.00

Steven Ullmer  “The Dark Room” oil on canvas, $1,500.00

Being a successful artist, in my view, is being able to produce art that was authentically part of me and expresses what I intended.  If thal piece is what I feel it should be, I am happy with it Art is not a career for me, it is something I do. I will stop painting when I stop breathing.   My subject matter varies. I have thoughts and dreams that seem to rattle in my head until I cad a way to transfer them to the canvaere seems to be a story to each painting. It may be a feeling I need to shake out of my system, or an emotion I need to show.    Why oil? I had to choose. I’ve used many a media in the past. Time became an issue and I had to focus. I’ve always loved oil. It’s alive.  Sometimes I work from very loose sketchere are elements added from life and dreams. As I work, I try to keep the mood around me consistent as I want the image to seem like a snapshot even though much time may pass from start tsh.  My hope is that anyone viewing my work will be aected by it in some waye paintings are watching you waiting for your reaction.


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April 3, 2017