Paul Smith “I Am” giclee print on canvas, $400.00

Paul Smith  “I Am” giclee print on canvas, $400.00

I am…I can’t help but feel a little frustrated with the words, images, news, fake news, sensational headlines, reactions, sick behaviors, and judgement assaults when it comes to polits is not about being for or against, democrat, repub-licar right, black or white it’s about human behavior and the narratives we tell ourselves to support our own ideas of what we want the truth to be or what we want to believe is right or best for our families, our country, and our world. ere will always be multiple sides to any story but the lengths we go to support what we think is “right” could be the thing that pushes us all over the edge. I created this piece with all of this top of mind. I want it to be provocative so we can better understand what evidence or visuals we use or how little information we can look at for just a moment and make a detailed story to support it or hate it. What do you see?


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April 3, 2017