Dominique Vitali “Untitled Roots” intaglio, chine colle, embroidery

Dominique Vitali “Untitled Roots” intaglio, chine colle, embroidery

Artist Statement:

Dominique Vitali (b.1968, Newark, NJ) is a multidisciplinary artist specializing in embroidery and stitched intaglio monoprints. While the work might speak to broader narratives, Dominique’s art focuses on her own journey as a woman, exploring sexuality, religion, and body image. The stories depicted are deeply personal and, being through the lens of a woman, inherently political. Her narratives explore existence as a female, moving through life under male scrutiny, religious scrutiny, and scrutiny of self.

Dominique explores paths both seen and unseen, conscious and subconscious, as experienced through her own gynecocentric prism. As she explores these truths, her prints do not stay conceptually within the bounds of the pristine, instead delving into the darker parts of her psyche…submerging the viewer into the collective subconscious with quick and furious layering and sewing together of images…a literal reconstruction of disjointed narrative shreds in pursuit of a clearer actuality.  This rigor allows her to dive headlong into the darker part of her psyche and react without fear to the stories she needs to tell, the memories she needs to explore, and the chaos currently surrounding all of us. While nature dictates form and composition, her prints also play with the ephemeral that lives within the bounds of nature, shifting between conceptual and literal, physical and metaphysical. How does one’s sprit move within the real world? How can she interpret her physical existence as a female vessel moving through this delicate realm? 

Dominique currently lives and works in the New York area, and has shown in galleries both in the U.S. and abroad.


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September 27, 2018