Conny Jasper – “The Gorgon” watercolor and pastel on paper

Conny Jasper  – “The Gorgon” watercolor and pastel on paper

Life is an adventure and inspiration is everywhere. I am a visionary artist with an awareness of abstract concepts and universal images. There is no limit to the human imagination, and the possibilities of creativity are infinite.The world is a dream, and existence is a dream. My art is a dream made concrete. It is a moment captured in time, like a movie still. The movie is the story of everything that is and ever will be. As it quickly unfolds from moment to moment, I document some of the spectacular highlights of the show.

This piece is based on the theme of hair, and focuses on long or wild hair. I have chosen a mythological and fictional character to illustrate my concept of a flowing mane in this portrayal of the Gogon. Such characters have a timeless effect on the human psyche, and the archetypal image evokes different feelings.


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October 10, 2017