Audrey Yankielun “Puppy” white cedar lobster buoy with paint $175.00.

Audrey Yankielun   “Puppy”  white cedar lobster buoy with paint $175.00.


I transform genuine Maine-made wooden lobster buoys into characters and  critters. Inspired by the shape of the buoy rather than using it as something to  be painted, I find the critter or person waiting to emerge. There is no one specific  way an inspiration comes –  it could be by merging my humor, talents, interests  and hobbies; or by following the lead of one of my other projects by wondering  what it would be like in a different medium; or having the medium take the lead

and see where it wants to go.  “Puppy” is faithful, loyal, doesn’t bark and doesn’t know any tricks, but clearly  understands the command “STAY”. This puppy doesn’t have to be fed or walked,  and will never chew on your slippers.  And with that ear-to-ear grin, the puppy  will always cheer you up and is bound to evoke a smile even from the most  serious-minded person.


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December 13, 2016