Amy Puccio “Fender Bender” wood mosaic wall relief, mixed media, $800.00

Amy Puccio  “Fender Bender” wood mosaic wall relief, mixed media, $800.00

My artistic expression resides in that place between rough-hewn and polished; masculine and feminine; abstraction and reality.   I create wood mosaic sculptures in the form of multi-dimensional wall reliefs.   By cutting down left-over and unused lengths of decorative picture frame moulding into many small pieces,  I am able to engage this material in a novel way, creating my own ‘puzzle pieces.’  After detailed planning and sketching a new idea, construction begins with a single wood piece.  The next 200 to over 1000 pieces (depending on the final dimensions) are selected for their size and shape and glued into place, one by one.
In order to fit into a particular space, individual pieces are often carved and trimmed with small hand tools. After each small section of the sculpture is glued into place and dry, I alter and fine-tune the shape and contour using a hammer and chisels.  I glue and chisel as some artists draw and erase, sometimes ‘drawing and erasing’ an area multiple times.  After repeated addition and subtraction, the desired image begins to emerge.
I enjoy the irony that this wood was intended to support and showcase the art of others, and now, it is the art…truly an amalgam from a framer turned artist.


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December 7, 2016